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Paul Chedgey

I would like to thank a number of people:

Chris Liddiard at Heathfield Web Design for designing this website.

Rob Dreaming for the photography here and on my leaflet.

Angi and John Hicks for founding what has now become widely regarded as one of the worlds leading establishments in its field, the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

Franklyn Sills and the team at the Karuna Institute, for the most in-depth training in Craniosacral work anywhere in Europe or North America.

Countless lecturers and tutors on the various courses, lectures and seminars I have attended. Including Paul Hambly, Tony Bruer, Dr Jin Wang, Dr Lowdog, Scott Tower, the team I trained under in Tanjing hospital China, including Dr Huo, Dr Zhu and Dr Tan, to name a few.

My family, my mother in Ireland, my sister Jo and her family Angus and Colm.

John Plumber for typing up and proof reading countless essays and dissertations over the years often requiring working through the night to meet deadlines.

Philip and Pauline Hale for their ongoing support and encouragement over a 20 year period without which those 20 wonderful years of study and training would not have been possible.

Harry and Sally Boys for creating a beautiful clinic, the Eastbourne Clinic of Natural Medicine.

I am very grateful to the hundreds of patients that have come to see me over the years.

I am also very grateful to those that have been so generous as to write a testimonial.

Paul Chedgey
      Paul Chedgey



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Paul Chedgey