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Paul Chedgey

AtlasPROfilax practitioner in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Paul is one of about
thirty people in the
world, of which there
are three in England,
to have qualified at
the very highest level
in this technique.

AtlasPROfilax is a very safe, natural, non-invasive method which was developed by the Swiss Renée-Claudius Schümperli between 1993 and 1996, after years of study. This technique allows the correction a minor misalignment the Atlas – the first vertebra of the spinal column, the top bone in the neck –through a regulated vibropressure on some of the short muscles in the neck.

The method has been studied and validated by the Medical Radiological Diagnostic Institute in Germany, which belongs to the German university of Witten-Herdecke. Using the latest generation of 3D Computerised Axial Tomography, AtlasPROfilax was the object of 5 years of scientific studies using imaging with RMN and TAC in 3D. The study demonstrated the technique's validity.

  • 114 people were studied by a team of specialists
  • all specialists agreed that 112 had a misaligned atlas
  • some specialists had a question regarding 2 people in the study as to whether their atlas was misaligned.
  • All 114 were treated with the Atasprofilex method and rescanned immediately after one treatment.
  • All 114 participants were found to have a correctly aligned Atlas after that one treatment.

The Atlas articulates with the base of the skull - when this is in the correct position it brings balance to the muscular forces in the neck, back, aligning the pelvis and body which in turn translates to the tendency to have a good posture.

Minor misalignment of the Atlas tends to produce a negative affect on muscles of the neck and a slight compression of one of the arteries going to the brain. Also at the union between the occipital bone at the base of the skull and the Atlas are the small posterior muscles of the neck which connect with the dura (a coating around the spinal cord ) through the miodural bridge. Permanent traction of this bridge is thought to result in chronic symptoms.

Among the most frequent causes of minor misalignment of the Atlas are events such as birth, moderate injuries in the region of the head and accidents that involve whiplash.

AtlasPROfilax consists of the application of a specific massage technique on these short muscles of the neck to ease tightness allowing a natural realignment of the Atlas. This is often carried out in a single session, which is checked at a follow up a few weeks later. The technique used is very safe, non-invasive and there is no abrupt manipulations of the neck.

Once the Atlas is corrected it tends to stay in place. Also there tends to be a progressive restoration of good posture, normal tension and tone of the body’s muscles, a natural realignment of the vertebrae as well as the normalising of the pressure on some articulations like the hips and knees. At the same time, there is thought to be an improvement in blood supply to the brain.

Realignment of the Atlas can bring about immediate improvements or slow and progressive improvements.

Often people find other treatments work better after the atlas is put in place.

Usually people who are affected by chronic pain come for treatment. However, people in good health, children and sports men and women also tend to have the method carried out so that, once any misalignment of the Atlas has been corrected, their body works as perfectly as it can.

AtlasPROfilax can be applied to children, to the elderly and all those in between.

Some people believe that a misalignment of the Atlas can lead to the following:

  • Aches
    Head Shoulders Back Waist Hip Nape Arms Hands Legs Knees Feet

  • Loss of
    Memory Strength Balance Sleep

  • Numbness and contractions in
    Arms Hands Legs Feet

  • Muscular and articular rigidity in
    Jaw Face Back Neck Legs

The Swiss technique AtlasPROfilax can make an important contribution to your quality of life.

The Official AtlasPROfilax Web page is

All professionals trained in AtlasPROfilax have to pass exams and an annual quality control in order to obtain a re-certification in the method.

The price charged for this technique is standardised through out the world and is :-
£160 for two treatments.

If further treatment is required it is charged at the normal follow up rate of £40 in Eastbourne and £35 in Bodle Street Green.


Watch a short video about AtlasPROfilax

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