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Paul Chedgey


"For about a year I have had some trouble dealing with increasingly blocked sinuses. I have only been to see Paul once, but in that one session alone he has managed to significantly clear my sinuses (70%) through his use of acupuncture and also supplied me with extremely useful Herbal medicine and knowledge concerning my diet so as to prevent this problem happening again. Furthermore, he also gave me some great exercises for my back with which I have been having problems with recently.

Although I have only needed to see Paul on the one occasion, he comes across as an extremely nice and knowledgeable man, who obviously cares greatly for his customers and is willing to go the extra mile for them. "

Jack Armstrong


"I came to see Paul with long-term lower back pain, which had recently worsened dramatically. Thus I presented with both pain and a vulnerable emotional state, brought about by the shock of sudden and unexpected pain. Through the use of acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, and herbal medicine Paul has not only aided and an amazing recovery of my back, but has also supported my emotional well-being and improved my energy levels and digestion.

Paul works with gentleness, sensitivity and expertise. I would have no qualms about recommending him to anyone who fell they may benefit from his skills."

Sadie Eyles-Slade


"I went to see Paul about 18 months ago because I was experiencing extreme pain in the left side of my neck and shoulder.

After the first treatment the pain lessened and I regained some movement and after three treatments, I was pain-free and had regained full movement of my neck and shoulder which have remained loose and pain-free ever since.

I would thoroughly recommend Paul for the professional way he dealt with me. He answered my questions and listened to my feedback with care, so I felt a part of my own healing process."

L M Hughes


“For personal reasons, I’ve asked that only my initials be displayed on the website. However, I am very happy to talk to anyone about my treatment. If you would like to do this, contact Paul and he will put us in touch with each other.

Fifty five years ago when I was sixteen I had a very bad fall whilst helping a friend. I’d landed on my back, at the time the pain was unbearable, and has been so on and off ever since. Especially over the past twenty years where the pain has been continuous and relentless.

In 1963 I had surgery to remove my coccyx, this did not help at all.

In 1993 I had injections in my spine which were very painful, this did ease the pain in my back for five days, from the Friday to the following Wednesday, when the pain was back to as it was. I had another injection in my spine one year later carried out by an orthopedic surgeon, this didn’t work.

I had tried osteopathy, this didn’t help.

The physiotherapist in the local district and general hospital, said she wouldn’t touch my back as I was in so much pain.

In 1998 I had further x-rays, these showed the lumber part of my spine was worn and arthritis had to set in. The surgeon said the only option was surgery, however when he was questioned about the procedure involved, he said that he wouldn’t recommend it.

Since that time I have been on continuous strong pain killers, tramadol and paracetamol which left me feeling like a zombie. Despite these, the pain has been very bad.Because of this, at times I was only sleeping one or two hours a night. My energy was very low.

I had one treatment from Paul and have had no pain since, not even so much as an ache. I haven’t touched a tablet since and haven’t needed any further treatment. I have had a great Christmas, pain-free -- playing with my seventeen month old granddaughter on the floor. I could lift her onto my knee without any pain. I am sleeping eight hours a night and my energy has returned and I’m walking again, long distances to. I used to use a “helping hand” to save me from bending down to pick things up off the floor, it’s now not used, tucked away beside the fridge.

I definitely highly recommend Paul, going along for a consultation, it’s well worth the expense. He knows what he is doing. I have a phobia about needles, but I didn’t feel them and the treatment has given me my life”.

S.P., Eastbourne


“I have suffered from severe headaches and migraine for some forty years. At their worst the attacks have caused vomiting and extreme pain which have laid me low for three days and afterwards left me weak and exhausted.

I have tried every possible ‘off the counter’ remedy and several prescription drugs over the years and have only recently found one which can sometimes mask the symptoms if taken early enough.

I have also tried homeopathic treatments and have visited a kinesiologist who suggested various food intolerances and, despite restricting my diet accordingly, failed to cure the problem.

However, since my introduction to acupuncture, my symptoms have so improved that I have not had to take any medication for the last 8 weeks. I feel energized and well due to lack of pain and can not believe I have finally found someone who can actually prevent the symptoms. If only I had taken this path many years ago!”

Jane Morrish, Eastbourne


“Having emigrated from Australia over 24 years ago, one of my favourite things is about England is the changing of the seasons. However, for the past few years I have begun to dread the onslaught of cold winds and the resulting lower temperatures. It is not the wet or snow resulting in the country coming to standstill but the perpetual sensation of my lower limbs continually feeling like being in a mist of cold damp resulting in painful legs and patches of eczema.

Since I have consulted Paul all this has changed. With just a few acupuncture sessions Paul has managed to eradicate the "damp mist" feeling for "warm" and eczema feel legs!

I can not recommend Paul highly enough should you suffer the similar sensations. His knowledge and relaxed "bedside" manner just adds to the very pleasant experience. Endure the cold onslaught no more.”

Bernard Davies


"I came to see Paul with neck ache just before Christmas which had been very painful since the beginning of September. It felt like a lump at the back of my neck. I've seen him for four sessions over five weeks and my neck now feels great it feels wonderful. It's such a relief not to have this lumpy feeling at the back of my neck. Paul help me to see the complete picture Insofar as it wasn't just neck pain but also emotional difficulties that I was experiencing which I hadn't looked at properly. The treatment has helped me sleep better, its helped a restless foot problem I had and my general well-being, I feel more optimistic. His way of talking and enabling me to become more relaxed and to see the different point of view has been wonderful for me. So I'm deeply deeply indebted to him and I thank him very much."

Ruth Cowell


"Thank goodness I discovered Paul Chedgey and the AtlasPROfilax method-without him I would still be suffering from the horrendous neck pain and grinding headaches, lower back pain and sciatica that had plagued me for years despite having tried just about every method under the sun to try to cure it.

I can only say that if you suffer from neck and lower back pains you should make an appointment with Paul straight away and feel the benefit of his great healing skills."

Graham Walker

Acupuncture better than drugs for migraine:
Acupuncture compares favourably with the drug topiramate for reducing migraine frequency, according to Taiwanese investigators. Sixty-six chronic migraine (CM) patients were randomly divided into two treatment groups. The acupuncture group received 24 acupuncture sessions over 12 weeks, while the topi ramate group received a four-week titrated dose of topiramate (25-100 mg/day) followed by an eight-week maintenance period at a dose of 100 mg/day. A significantly larger decrease in the mean monthly number of moderate to severe headache days (20.2 days to 9.8 days) was observed in the acupuncture group (compared with 19.8 to 12.0 days in the topiramate group). Significant differences favouring acupuncture were also observed for all secondary variables. Adverse events were reported in 66% of the topiramate group, compared with only 6% in the acupuncture group. (Acupuncture versus topiramate in chronic migraine prophylaxis: a randomized clinical trial. Cephalalgia. 2011 Nov;31(15):1510-21).
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